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About Romania – Unique Romania


History, Culture, Beauty, Adventure

Divided into four geographical areas, Romania is one of the most mysterious and beautiful countries in eastern Europe. It is authentic, it’s a unique treasure, made of traditions, art, culture, monuments, history and beautiful scenes. Its ancient cobblestone streets, enigmatic forests and folk culture will fascinate you.

With its humble beauty, gorgeous and picturesque Carpathian Mountains, the wonderful frescoes of Orthodox monasteries and the wooden churches, built during the 18th and 19th centuries will just bring you to a different world.

Furthermore, the forts and medieval castles will offer you an amazing and at the same time a mysterious experience. According to the legend, Count Dracula lived in one of these castles.

So, you should not miss such an experience!

Choose your region

  • North of Romania
  • North-West of Romania
  • West of Romania
  • Transylvania
  • Bucharest and South of Transylvania
  • East of Romania
  • Dobrogea and the Black Sea

Why Unique Romania?

Because we offer you a wide range of ways to discover, to explore the very best Romania wants to offer you. It’s fast becoming THE European travel destination.  Don’t wait any longer! Start your unique adventure today!

You can choose one of our pre-planned tours or a mix of them or you can just ask for your custom-made tour.

City breaks, sightseeing, spa breaks, dental tourism, health treatment, walking tours, special event holidays, wineries, salt caves, energetic points, hen and stag parties, Danube Delta and the Black Sea, these are waiting for you.

Romanian Traditional Foods and Drinks

Romania is just unique. It has its unique beauty, peace, and amazing surroundings. And if we think about the Romanian cuisine, it is absolutely incredible. The women here just love cooking. Their passion and love for cooking is an important ingredient for a delicious food.
The people in Romania still grow animals and work the land, so most of the ingredients used in preparing various dishes are organic. Therefore, beyond being very tasteful, all these foods are also healthy. Because all of them are home-made, prepared with love from organic ingredients.
You will not find these specific foods anywhere in the world. Romanian cuisine has its unique spices and flavours that have to be tasted at least once in a lifetime.

The most specific Romanian foods are “Slănina afumată” (smoked bacon), “sarmale” (cabbage rolls) or “mămăliga” (polenta). One of the tastiest and most delicious desserts is “cozonac”, a home-made sweet bread, usually filled with poppy seeds paste or walnut paste. It is traditionally eaten for Christmas and Easter.

None of these delicious experiences have to be missed!

Have a lot of fun at Romanian festivals and events!

Throughout the year, Romania has unique festivals, from traditional or folk events to electronic music festivals. In every region, you can attend specific events and festivals that create a unique atmosphere for the inhabitants and tourists. If you love the electronic dance music you have to travel to Romania in July. Electric Castle is a Romanian electronic music festival that takes place annually, in July, on the Transylvanian Baffny’s Castle, in Bonțida, near Cluj-Napoca. It is the first festival in Romania that took place on a castle’s domain. This festival also supports the restorations of the castle by donating every year an amount of money from the sale of tickets.

If you visit Romania in August, you don’t have to miss the Untold Festival, held in August, in Cluj-Napoca.  Airfield Festival is a Romanian festival held in August, in Cisnadie, near Sibiu, that combines music, nature, and sport on Magura airfield. Whether you choose a parachute jump, a hot air balloon trip or attending jazz, funk, and ska concerts, the experience will be unique.

Sunwaves, an electronic and techno music festival is one of the best music festivals in Europe. It is held annually, twice a year, on the Black Sea shore in Mamaia resort. The first one takes place around the 1st of May and the second one during August.

You also don’t have to miss Jazz in the Park, Gărâna Jazz Festival, Hora de la Prislop (Dance at Prislop) or Sighișoara Medieval Festival. And, if you are the one who loves the nightlife, Mamaia is the ideal place for you.

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